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The werewolf is a mythical creature that appears in European culture as far back as the times of the ancient Greeks. The culprit was believed to transform into a wolf or a ‘wolf-man', an affliction either brought about by a curse or through the use of magic.

Ancient cultures across the world ascribed shape shifting abilities to the most dangerous animals they came in contact with; in Africa it was the lion, in India it was the snake and tiger and in Europe it was the white wolf, suggesting that the myth might have come about from mans need to invent stories.

Scholars believe that certain types of mental illness also played a part in perpetuating the myth. According to H. Sidky, author of. ‘Witchcraft, Lycanthropy, Drugs, and Disease: An Anthropological Study of the European Witch-Hunts’ (1997), this might include children suffering from some extreme types of autism that display wolf-like characteristics including solitary behaviour, a taste for raw food and a tendency to yell and bite.


  1. Unsolved Mystery said...
    your information is really cool. did you just come up woth it or did you find it online somewhere? and do you believe in werewolves? because i know for a fact they are real. Don't judge. I have seen them and I am not the only one either!
    Auron said...
    Hi and thanks, this is one I wrote a while ago, I did another called The Legend of the European Werewolf It's a facinating subject but I'm not sure they are real. For my mind if they were around today, there would be video footage or at least pictures.

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