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In terms of first-date etiquette the manual is clear: Make him wait! Under the heading: "Is it proper for a woman to yield at the first address, though to a man she love?" the book points out that French and Irish soldiers haven't managed to kill off all the good men - so don't take the first offer you get.

"Besides," it adds, "you will get better Conditions if the Enemy does not know how weak you are within."

"Forgive, Ladies, all the Warlike Gibberish..."

The advice on wearing make-up is equally firm. "A painted face is enough to destroy the Reputation of her that uses it."

Adultery too, is likely to bring on the sinner a "World of Miseries".

And, in a section that some modern celebrities could take to heart, the manual cautions readers against starving themselves. "Bodies that are very Lean and Scragged, we must own, cannot be very Comely: It is a contrary Extream to Corpulency and the Parties Face always seems to carry Lent in it."


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