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Billy’s Bar and Grill was built in 1877 in Anoka, Minnesota. It was originally a hotel that had a restaurant and bar in it. After a fire swept through the Anoka area in 1884, and the building was severely damaged it was rebuilt and ready to open in 1885.

Shortly after reopening its doors and the first anniversary of the fire, the hotel had its first murder occur. A drunken disagreement between friends led to one man shooting the other.

In the 1920s the original owners turned it over to relatives and in 1952, the hotel was converted into apartments and stayed that way until 1975. The ownership changed hands a few times over the years and now just a bar and grill.

The place is haunted by a red haired woman that is believed to be a prostitute from the 1920s that disappeared while working in the hotel. She appears in a third floor window and is known to walk through the bar and grill.

There have been incidences when the pictures on the walls move and the lights turn on and off. There was one time when the beer cases shifted in the stock room to the point of blocking the door.

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