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According to the "Sutra on the Medicine Master Buddha with the Radiance of Lapis
Lazuli and His Vows" Bhaisajya-guru made twelve vows to enable all to
obtain what they seek. 

  • May a radiant light blaze forth from my body after enlightenment, brightening countless realms, and may all beings have perfect physical form, identical to my own.

  • May my body be like pure radiant lapis lazuli, with a radiance more brilliant than the sun and moon, illuminating all who travel in darkness, enabling them to tread upon their paths.

  • By my limitless insight and means, may I enable all beings to obtain the necessities of lif

  • May all beings be shown the path of enlightenment and may adherents to the shravaka or pratyekabuddha paths become established in Mahayana practices.

  • May all beings be aided to follow the precepts of moral conduct. After hearing my name, those who have broken the precepts will be aided to regain their purity and prevented from sinking to a woesome path of existence.

  • May all who are deformed or handicapped in any way have their deformities removed upon hearing my name.

  • May all who are ill be cured upon hearing my name.

  • May all sentient beings who are restrained by their circumstances of birth find a favourable rebirth and progress towards Liberation.

  • May all who are caught in Mara's net, entangled in negative views, be caused to gain correct views and thus practice the Bodhisattva Way.

  • May all who are punished by the king be freed of their troubles.

  • May those who are desperately famished be given food. May they ultimately taste the sublime Teachings.

  • May all who are destitute of clothes obtain attractive garments and various adornments upon concentrating on my name.

    According to these twelve vows, all who sincerely call on the Healing Buddha for assistance will be aided.



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