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Five Facts About Alchemy

Alchemy, the Science of Love!
  1. Ancient history sources reviel that alchemy was first conceived in the ancient civilisations of the Babylonians and the Egyptians who could mine and refine metal ores, and transform them into precious metals.
  2. There are early text sthat give recipes for producing various precious metals, gemstones and dyestuffs. A popular alchemist practice was to add silver or copper to gold which made it look like there was more gold.
  3. In Renaissance Europe, the theories behind alchemy were much the same as those of the ancient Greeks. According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, matter consisted of four elements, earth, water, air and fire. It was believed that as everything was made up of these four elements, it was possible to transmute any starting material into anything else.
  4. The idea of turning base metals into gold was known by the Greek term chrysopoeia, but it was not the only aspect of alchemy. It was however, seen as the logical conclusion for alchemy and it was believed it would be possible if the golden combination of ingredients could be found.
  5. Although alchemy was and still is seen by many as a mystical art in general world history, some alchemists had a much more scientific approach. From the middle ages, the name for it was ‘chymistry’ and it laid the foundations for modern day chemistry.
Source: The Science of Alchemy


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