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Women in History – Queen Isabella of Castile

Queen Isabella of Castile was a powerful woman in history at a time when Europe passed from the medieval period to the Renaissance. She enjoyed the finer things in life such as pretty dresses and jewells and was described as having beautiful blue eyes, chesnut hair and as being a striking looking woman. She held the title of Queen Isabella of Castile from 1474 to 1505, after fighting a civil war to secure her crown.

Ferdinand, her husband, and Isabella succeeded as joint sovereigns a unified Spain from 1481, the "Catholic Kings," as Ferdinand and Isabella became known, ruled both kingdoms of Castile and Aragon jointly, however kingdoms maintained their separate laws, institutions and governments. A typical example of Queen Isabella's political vision was when she agreed to fund the expedition of Christopher Columbus which brought spain into contact with the lucrative New World.

Source: Queen Isabella I of Spain (r. 1474 - d. 1505)


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